When I started my career in finance ten years ago, work quickly took priority over a healthy lifestyle. I'm a go-getter by nature, and put my all into whatever I do—which is great, except when it becomes a detriment to my health! I'd find myself energy-drained by lunchtime, and needed to find a healthy snack to fuel my day. I have TMJ issues, so the perfect snack also needed to be soft enough for my jaw. Without much luck on my search, I decided to create my own healthy snack. 


I wanted something clean, nutrient-dense, and perfectly portioned. Snack bites seemed like the best solution, so whenever I wasn’t at the office or on the road, I worked on my recipes using simple, natural ingredients that provided a balance of interesting flavors and textures.


Before I knew it, word of my energy bites spread around the office—coworkers would pop by my desk in the morning looking for snacks and ask where to get more in the afternoon. I could tell I was on to something, so I launched AMG Snacks to share with those who might be looking for the perfect bite just like me.


Today AMG Snacks is in over 200 retail locations, primarily in the Northeast—which is where we call home. In December 2021, we launched at local Whole Foods locations and are projecting more growth for 2022. We hope you'll see us soon at your favorite retail locations, juice bars, and coffee shops—let us know where you'd like to find us next!



Amanda Gilman