When I started my career in finance ten years ago, my job quickly took over my passion for a healthy lifestyle. Between traveling and long days at the office, I needed easily accessible snacks to keep me going. Energy bars felt like the perfect solution, except they were always too hard on my TMJ syndrome. TMJ, or ‘temporomandibular joint’ syndrome, is a jaw disorder that can cause pain while chewing anything too big or too tough.

Luckily, I’ve always loved to cook and happily looked to my own kitchen for healthy, jaw-friendly snacks.  Whenever I wasn’t at the office or on the road, I worked on my snack bites using simple, natural ingredients that provided the perfect balance of taste and texture to keep me going--and chewing. 

Of course, I could never make just one. In no time, word of my energy bites spread around the office, and my coworkers started grabbing them off my desk every morning and asking where to get more in the afternoon.  I knew I was on to something good I just had to share, so I launched AMG Snacks to share with those who have an active lifestyle and want a healthy bite to keep them going!